Book Requests

Forever Our Angel is currently providing the following books, free of charge, to families who have suffered the death of a child:

  1. Streams in the Desert – A daily devotional to help guide you through your most difficult trials;
  2. Holding on to Hope – A pathway through suffering to the heart of God;
  3. 30 Days of Hope – For restoration in infant loss; and
  4. Water Bugs & Dragonflies – Explaining death to young children.
  5. Hugs for you, Kisses for You – Especially written for young children, this charming board book shows kids how they can continue to express their love for those who have died (both people and beloved pets), as well as loved ones they are separated from by distance or other circumstances.


To request a FREE book for yourself or a friend, simply send an e-mail to:
Subject:  Forever Our Angel Book Request

E-mail should include the following:
Requester Name
Recipient Name
Recipient Address
Age of Child Lost (If miscarriage or stillbirth, please let us know that.  It will help in determining which book to send.)
Age of Living Siblings
Any other information you feel is important

I will send the family whichever book(s) I feel would be most helpful based upon the information you provide and the books I have in stock.  Each family will also receive a Delia Grace Memory Butterfly Bracelet.

After I receive your e-mail request, I will reply to confirm receipt and provide further instructions.  Thank you


We are a 501(c)(3) private foundation, and all donations are tax deductible.

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