When I think about God’s plan for humanity, I know it’s so BIG! It’s BIGGER than anything we could image or ever begin to comprehend. These last six years, I’ve prayed every night that God would lead me, promising to follow. I ask God, “Please show me Your will. Show me what You want me to do, how to do it, when to do it.” I have searched and prayed for His guidance. I need to be led, away from this pain and toward a purpose.

From this pain, purpose is coming. My children’s grief book, “Hugs for You, Kisses for You” is being published! I have so many people to thank, especially our generous Book Sponsors and Donors. We could not complete our first book publishing project without YOU!

Click HERE to see a full list of our Sponsors and Donors or to become a Sponsor or Donor,

“Hugs for You, Kisses for You” has been a labor of love, and I hope it will help so many young children who miss someone they love.

While we wait for our beautiful board books to come, you can purchase an ebook HERE or the Kindle version HERE. Proceeds will help us continue serving grieving families.

I trust God has BIG plans for us, plans to do something good through our suffering, to help others find hope as they walk this difficult journey.

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